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Yanis Varoufakis: Socialism, Populism, Nationalism and Independence

Known for his distinctive dress sense almost as much as his radical views, the economist Yanis Varoufakis rose to international prominence in 2015. As the Finance Minister of Greece's debt-ridden Government which had months of fractious negotiations with the EU. Since then he's written a number of books and co-founded a leftwing pan-European political movement. On a visit to the Edinburgh Book Festival, he sat down with STV's Political Editor Bernard Ponsonby to talk socialism, populism and Scottish independence.

In this video Yanis says that it’s because you can be in politics today but not be in power — because real power now belongs to those who control the economy. He believes that the mega-rich and corporations are cannibalizing the political sphere, causing financial crisis. In this talk, hear his dream for a world in which capital and labor no longer struggle against each other, “one that is simultaneously libertarian, Marxist and Keynesian.”

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