The Currency Debate

As this 2014 BBC explainer article highlights, the role of a currency has been a contentious issue central to the Independence debate continually, including through the 2014 campaign and also now.

Should an Independent Scotland Adopt it’s Own Currency

As the Scotsman explores the role of a new ‘Scottish Pound’ in the Growth Commission is still subject to these ongoing criticisms:

Concerns raised over currency are still viewed by veterans of the Yes campaign as being responsible for some of the most damaging polling for the independence movement.

The Growth Commission has identified “that Scotland would continue to use the pound on the first day of separation but on an unofficial basis. There would then be a transition period to a new Scottish currency, initially pegged to Sterling.” Naturally media like the Telegraph proposes opposition such as a £300 billion cost.

A Pointless Currency Plan?

As the Scotsman reports, think tank Common Weal responded to the proposal with criticism and their own alternative proposal; this itself has been analyzed and responded to via this blog from Peter Bell.


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