Scotland is on its feet – blockchain supporters to walk 500 miles

Scotland is on its feet – blockchain supporters to walk 500 miles

In an unprecedented show of support, a group of 8 Scots have offered to walk 500 miles, highlighting the positive blockchain capabilities for Scotland and its public services and infrastructure.

The Scottish government and its blockchain public infrastructure partner Edinburgh-based Wallet Services, have now delivered a report, defining that blockchain technology will have profound benefits across the span of public services in Scotland.

Kicking off on the Isle of Skye, walkers are set to depart from Portree on 15th September, and will arrive in Edinburgh on 6th October at The Scottish Parliament.

Dave Llewellyn, who will be taking part in the walk, has said: ‘We are a group who are highlighting that our government must act to introduce blockchain technology into as much of Scottish life as is possible. There are tectonic plates getting moved into place by technologists and activists the length and breadth of Scotland, all with the common purpose of putting the light into a giant prism, and firing a laser out of it!’

In their efforts to engage with as many Scots as possible, the walkers, along with numerous volunteers and organisers will be donating three weeks of their lives to the project, and it’s hoped that the event will draw attention to the benefits of the use of blockchain’s #DLT distributed ledger technology.

It is anticipated that thousands will join the walkers on stretches of their trek, and the effort will conclude in Edinburgh, amongst the All Under One Banner march on 6th October at the Scottish Parliament.

The 500 Mile Walk will be opened by Ian Blackford, MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber, and has received formal support by Charlie and Craig Reid, The Proclaimers. The walk acknowledges that 800,000 Scots did not participate in the 2014 Independence referendum. That section of Scotland exists mostly in impoverished demographics, the walk is promoting the message that the switch to digital democracy underpinned with blockchain technology security, delivers capability for unprecedented community activism. The result? All Scots can then become more fully involved in making future decisions.

The Scottish government are now finalising unique digital ID numbers for all Scots who don’t yet have one. Blockchain identity academics are now underway with ground-breaking new ways to define self-sovereign digital identities for all citizens.

Blockchain media quotes are already accumulating from across the span of business, politicians, academics, technologists, and many ordinary Scots

Scotland can be a world pioneer of the future of Digital Democracy

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